Karunn Kandoi – A self-made man

KarunnKandoi, a self-made man, has seen the ups and downs of life and taken every challenge with bold aspirations and courage. From an ordinary childhood to an extraordinarily successful man, Karunn Kandoi has proved how determination and hard work can change the course of life. Born to Shree Gopal Kandoi and Kusum Kandoi, on 22 January 1978, he had started his life in the city of Cuttack, Orissa. Being brought up amongst the other siblings, including two elder sisters, a younger brother, Karunn Kandoi had a very simple life in his childhood. With simple dreams and ambitions like any other boy of his age, he aspired to make his parents proud. But what made him different from the others is his ability to stay connected to the roots, which he had garnered from his parents. Even after having an extremely prospective life with tremendous potential in the top most companies of this country, as well as, that of the United States of America, he chose to return back to his native place, Jaipur, India.

Life has never been smooth for this man. Getting separated from his grandfather at a young age; Karunn Kandoi faced the first torment that life had thought for him. However, he had been lucky to have his elder sister and the joint family he grew up in to support him through his difficult times.

KarunnKandoi has been a fighter from the very beginning of his life. His parents had taught him not to accept defeat at any point of time in and keeping this teaching in mind, he kept on trying hard to achieve success. When his father shifted the family to Jaipur in Rajasthan, in the year 1982, he started his schooling there. He completed his secondary and higher secondary education from the TPS School, Jaipur. A keen interest in the scientific discoveries and the technological development that were taking place in this world at that time, had led Karunn Kandoi to pursue his studies in the science stream.

This aspiration continued when he took the joint examination of CET. Coming out with flying colours, in the examination, he got the opportunity to fulfil his aspirations of becoming an engineer. Like any other boy of his age, Karunn Kandoi was also deeply attracted to the most talked about discovery at that time, the computers. It was his determination and dedication that helped him to pursue his dream of exploring the world of electronics and instruments. Thus, his dream got fulfilled when he got admitted to the electronics and instrumentation department in one of the most prestigious engineering institutes of this country, the BIT Bangalore. He was destined to be the first Engineer in the Kandoi family making the entire family proud.

While talking about the educational qualifications of Karunn Kandoi, it must also be mentioned that Karunn was not only an exceptionally brilliant student in the traditional sense of the term. He was as ordinary as any other boy next door. He gave equal importance to studies and sports and other social activities. But what made him quite different from the others and indeed extraordinary is his zeal of trying more. He never kept himself away from the little funs and frolics that life had to offer. With a few very good friends, with whom he could share his pain and happiness, he went to explore the hidden beauties of nature. So, he went to small or long trips to Himachal and Vaishno Devi. Adrenaline rushed very fast through his veins and he loved trekking on the hills and mountains. His trip to the Kafni glaciers and the Pindari glaciers is still cherished by him as his favourite trip.

One trip that has stayed very close to his heart was the trip to Goa. This is because; he was accompanied by his friends. His college friends have played a very important role in his life as this was the group with which he had spent his youth. What he learnt from his college days is to balance both enjoyment and responsibilities, in life. A charming personality with keen interest in every event organised in the college, made Karunn Kandoi earn his place and respect in the college. The responsibility made things quite easy for him as he came across many widely known companies. It taught him how to deal with the associates and higher authorities, which was useful to a great extent in his later life.

At this time, a big change came into his life, He moved from hostel to live with his Uncle in Bangalore. While pursuing B.E., he joined his uncle’s company, “Swastik Marble” which became the turning point in his life. This was his first real life experience and from here he learnt how to deal with the problems took the company to real heights. Implementing new schemes for the staff, and by establishing new marketing strategies, Karunn Kandoi increased the business of his first company to unparalleled heights within a very short time. This marked the beginning of a bright career awaiting him.


Biography of Karunn Kandoi

Karunn Kandoi (Born: January 22 1978)
Young andDSC_0012 2 dynamic Karunn Kandoi has an extremely interesting and noteworthy life. Despite a modest beginning, at a Imagevery young age, he has attained excellent professional success and reputation. At this young age, he has already worked with the giants like GE, Philips Medical Systems and Microsoft and left a memorable impression there. Presently, he is the President of Skill Development and Training of an online education company,
Extramarks Education Private Limited and has emerged as a thought leader in the new age learning methods.

Born in Cuttack, Orissa to Shree Gopal Kandoi and Kusum Kandoi on 22 January 1978, Karunn Kandoi belongs to a very humble background. In 1982, the family moved to Jaipur, and that brought about a huge change in Karunn’s life. After completing his schooling from TPS Jaipur, he went ahead and got an Engineering Degree in instrumentation and electronics from BIT Bangalore.
Further Education and Accomplishments
Being an achiever and an all-rounder, he not only participated in many events in the college, but also was chosen as a member of the Placement Cell for the college, where he got an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and experience. In 1999 to improve his skills, he took up a course in Placement Process of Reengineering (PPR) that was being conducted by a renowned organization named PESIT (Bangalore). Around the same time, he started helping his uncle in managing a company named Swastik Marbles, due to his unmatched efforts this company that had started off with just $10000 grew to a $300,000 worth company.
The Achievements
After the completion of his engineering degree in 2000, he joined the GE Medical Bangalore (General Electric Medical system) as a Quality and Configuration Management Lead and Design Engineer. Soon, Karunn Kandoi won praise in the company for showing his talent in designing an automated testing module. He also got the prestigious GE’s Clinical excellence award and won the honorable certification of Six Sigma Green Belt.
In 2001, Karunn decided to go for further education and joined the University of Washington for MBA. His education was totally self-funded, and he assisted the university as an assistant teacher and was awarded the best teaching certificate in his tenure. After the 3rd quarter of his MBA, he joined Philips Medical Systems as a Corporate Intern and the same company offered him a job as a Marketing Manager the year he completed his MBA in 2004. Here too, all he got was success and accolades; he was responsible for re-engineering the firms’ marketing strategy for the entire North America and led to 50% increase in the market share in the $100 million vascular surgery equipment.
It’s noteworthy to mention that while still in MBA, Karunn along with 4 other friends conceptualized a business called Complianz Inc. The aim of this business was to simplify the process of FDA approvals in the US and to allow the biomedical companies for developing the internationally compliant products for the rapidly expanding global market while simultaneously reducing the time to the market.
In the year 2005, he got an offer to join Microsoft Corporation as the position of Product manager for MSN search. His efforts at MSN led to considerable incremental revenue of $12 Million in FY05 through better monetization. Further, he led the audits for understanding MSN searches, internal business reporting system and market share.
Return to India
In 2005, he got married to his soul mate and in the year end returned to India for good. Being an achiever and a visionary, he soon launched an educational organization called Focus, which aimed at the career assessment of children and Spoken English classes. The company grew exponentially, and by the year 2009 it was spread to over 10 states and had 70 offices in different locations all over India. Karunn Kandoi is currently the President of Skill Development and Training  business at Extramarks Education.